Welcome to Seen

A live experience agency

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Compelling creativity

We believe the most engaging live experiences are borne out of a balance between Art & Science.

Seamless strategy

The most inspiring creative concepts are grounded in strong strategic insight.

Premium Production

Our approach allows us to deliver detailed production that doesn't compromise quality.

Maximum creative impact

Our approach to ideation focuses on three key areas: brand, consumer and culture. We believe that an idea which draws from each of these delivers the most creative impact.

A captivating event provides the strongest possible opportunity for a brand to connect with a consumer – nothing is more powerful than face to face engagement.

At Seen, we think that a live experience should be much more than an entertaining diversion. The best experiences influence a consumer in a way that goes far beyond the day itself, delivering not just immediate enjoyment and memorability, but an understanding of the brand’s story and a belief that it’s relevant to them and their lives.

Our experiences create immediate impact, but the most important thing they deliver is brand advocates – because if consumers love you they will tell your story for you and that’s the ultimate conversion tool.