Support ‘We are what we do’ campaign and contribute to the brand’s goal to teach another one million young people good money sense by 2018.


The NatWest MoneySense Hub was a touring and hands on experience for children and parents alike which appealed to their curious nature’s. The play and learn zones educated and empowered a more financially capable generation with interactive games from the MoneySense website and insightful video content showing children’s understanding of money. The experience created a feeling of trust towards NatWest with the eye-opening interactions with the MoneySense programme.


Delivered over the school half term in Westfield’s London and Manchester Arndale, we interacted with 16,000 consumers over the two days, and distributed nearly 10,000 giveaways.

‘This is so different to anything I have seen a bank do before, I like how active NatWest are being, teaching my kids today. My lot don’t have a clue about money, but they certainly know how to spend Daddy’s.’