Seeding Kits for H&M Eco Conscious collection and Lee x H&M collaboration

Launch H&M Conscious Exclusive collection and Lee x H&M collaboration to press and influencers, and bring these sustainable collections to life through an at-home experience


For the Eco Conscious collection we developed the idea for a 'Beauty of Waste DIY Supper Club' and created a gifting experience. We included zero-waste canapes from surplus and wonky ingredients, no-waste terrazzo coaster workshop kits and beautiful eco tablescape items - such as candleholders made from discarded restaurant mussel shells

Every element of the box was considered – the menu was printed on herb-seeded paper to plant after use and the instructions were printed on paper made from the by-products from corn, citrus fruit, grapes and almonds which had been saved from landfill

And for the Lee x H&M sustainable denim collaboration by taking renewal as the inspiration we created a Reviving Afternoon Tea and Renewal Pack. These featured artisanal goods and eco-friendly treats to sustain, revive and re-energise the recipients. 


The gifting experiences offered the ideal way to celebrate these launches virtually. They were extremely well received and generated extensive coverage on social and press. 

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